I wasn’t an alcoholic – I just drank to stay sane

Sunday, October 8, 2017 Keith Howard 0

Before I got sober, I’d only gone without alcohol for more than seven days three times since I was 13. The first two “extended dry times” led me to attempt suicide and end up in psychiatric hospitals – the third included talking mice, fireworks and long conversations with princesses. Let me explain. READ MORE


NH AG files civil suit against Purdue Pharma for deceptive marketing of OxyContin

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 NH Department of Justice 0

“New Hampshire continues to experience a severe opioid epidemic. Last year alone nearly 500 overdose deaths occurred — almost ten times more than in 2000. The CDC reports four out of five heroin users started with prescription opioids. To defeat the epidemic, we must stop creating new users and part of that is making sure these highly addictive and dangerous drugs are marketed truthfully and without deception and in such a way as not to minimize addiction risks or overstate benefits to patients.” READ MORE