Szechuan Sauce Madness at McDonald’s

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MANCHESTER, NH — A mob of mostly millennials we’re out in force, willing to wait in line at a fast food chain restaurant on a Saturday afternoon just for a tangy flashback from their youth.

Three McDonald’s restaurants, including the one on South Willow Street, were Mulan Szechuan Sauce Central on Saturday for the one-day only McDonald’s promo that drew hundreds of saucy fans.

In Manchester a line snaked from the restaurant, across the parking lot and around Savers thrift shop. Traffic was jammed in both directions on South Willow, as customers craving a taste of the sauce, which was a flash promotion during the 1998 release of Disney’s “Mulan,” waited with anticipation. 

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According to the McDonald’s official website, the current promotion is in conjunction with its new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders and a poster giveaway.  

Meanwhile some customers who had no love for the Mulan sauce had an opportunity to scold the hungry masses as their vehicles crawled through the parking lot. [Check out the video above.] And motorists stacking up at the light at South Willow and Beech Street, due to the heavy traffic in and out, were rubbernecking to try and get a handle on the mob scene outside of McD’s. 

Rick and Morty have given McDonadl’s Szechuan may have single-handedly brought back the tangy sauce.

If you still don’t get it, there’s plenty of background info out there, although Buzzfeed summed it up pretty well, linking the Rick and Morty cartoon show on Adult Swim to the resurgence of Szechuan Sauce fever:

It’s a long story, but basically Rick and Morty talked up the sauce, so the internet went nuts, people bought old packets for thousands of dollars on eBay, McDonald’s sent the show’s creators a bottle of the stuff, and the restaurant chain is now bringing back the sauce for one day only on Saturday, Oct. 7 at select locations.

Below is another YouTube, from the back of the line to the front at about 3 p.m. on Saturday.


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