Suspect in stabbing served time for prior knife threat, was out on bail for pending drug charges

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MANCHESTER, NH — A city man accused of attempting to murder a 27-year-old woman is being held in preventive detention after telling police he wanted to kill himself because he knew he was going to jail for the rest of his life, according to court records.

Carlos Alden, 27, formerly of 80 Walsh Ave., Apt. 1, but now detained in the Valley Street jail, did not appear in Hillsborough County Superior Court North on Monday where he was scheduled to be arraigned on felony charges of attempted second-degree murder and five counts of first-degree assault. Instead, he waived arraignment and entered not guilty pleas to the offenses in a written agreement with prosecutors.

Alden also reserved the right to a bail hearing upon request at a later date.

Early on the morning of June 2, Alden allegedly with a “purpose” to commit murder, stabbed Natasha Vallieres, 27, of 64 Malvern St., Apt. 6,  in the head, face, leg and arm.

According to court records,  at 1:17 a.m., police went to Vallieres’ apartment for a reported stabbing.  Sgt. Morgan Lovejoy arrived first and saw a large amount of blood outside on the front steps and then followed a blood trail into the building which led him to a bathroom where he found Vallieres.  She was bleeding heavily from stab wounds to her leg, arm and forehead.

“Carlos stabbed me a bunch outside.  He tried to kill me,” she told the officer. Officer Micheal Roscoe arrived soon after Lovejoy and removed a towel wrapped around the woman’s right upper arm, exposing a 2-3 inch cut.  Roscoe applied a bandage over the wound. Vallieres also suffered a stab wound to her upper thigh and Roscoe applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding as AMR medical personnel arrived.

Vallieres’ tongue was also split down the center, with blood continuously pooling in her mouth, according to court records.

Vallieres told police she broke up with Alden about two months ago, after a six-month relationship. She had been communicating with him after the break-up but about a week before the alleged assault, she told him he wasn’t welcomed at her apartment and she didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

The night before the stabbing, she and Joe Burgos, the father of her child, returned to her apartment.  Alden was there and the two men argued. Alden left before it became physical, Vallieres told police.

Later, Burgos left to go home and Vallieres went outside about 1 a.m. to smoke a cigarette.  She saw Alden coming toward her from the parking lot.

Alden didn’t say anything but came right at her and stabbed her in the head, causing her to fall down on the porch, according to court documents.

He then stood over her and allegedly jabbed the knife repeatedly into her face and body and then fled the scene.

When police arrived, a man approached an officer to report he heard a crash along the fence in his neighbor’s yard and heard another crash in his backyard which he believed to be someone scaling his chain-link fence.

Police searched the backyard of 315 East High St. and found a stainless steel knife, about 8 to 10 inches in length with the blade stuck down into the dirt directly next to the fence.  Officer Jacob Tyler and his K-9 partner Doug searched the area and found Alden lying on his back along a row of trees in the backyard of 37 Malvern St.

Alden, who police said had blood on his left palm and scrapes/cut to his right knuckles, initially told police he had been jumped.  

He was arrested and taken to the police station. Officer William Regan stood by him as he was being booked and reported that Alden said he was having thoughts of hurting himself.  At one point he told the officer he was going to “smack his head off the wall to injure and/or kill himself,” according to Officer Carrissa Pelletier’s sworn affidavit. He also commented that he was going to jail for the rest of his life

At the time of the alleged assault, Alden was already out on bail awaiting trial on charges of possessing melatonin, possessing cocaine, receiving stolen property, a felony because of prior convictions, and another charge of theft by deception.

In March of 2016,  he was sentenced to two-to-six years in the New Hampshire State Prison after being convicted of four counts of criminal threatening, being a felon in possession of a deadly weapon and falsifying physical evidence.  

That incident took place in the early morning hours of Jan. 16, 2016 at 44 Notre Dame Ave.  Alden was accused of pulling a large kitchen knife from his pants and giving a “crazy look” at Gabriel Weintraub and Martise Beaudet while saying to himself, “I’m Okay,” according to a criminal complaint on file in 9th Circuit – District Division – Manchester Court.  He then refused to drop the knife. He also allegedly told Craig Masi, “don’t worry I’ll get you later,” while holding the knife.

Editor’s note: The headline has been corrected to reflect a prior conviction of criminal threatening.


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