Suspect in Best Buy armed robbery faces new charges for stolen collectible cards

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George Johnson/MPD

MANCHESTER, NH — Police say the man arrested in connection with the Dec. 12 armed robbery at Best Buy faces new charges dating back to May for selling two binders of stolen collectible cards to a local merchant.

On December 29, 2019, George Johnson, 27, was booked for theft and other crimes stemming from an incident that happened May 29, 2019, when a man reported his Magic the Gathering collectible cards stolen out of his car. Double Midnight Comics in Manchester confirmed to police that another man, now identified as Johnson, had brought two binders of cards in to sell.

On Dec. 13 Johnson was arrested in connection with a Dec. 12 armed robbery at Best Buy in the Mall of New Hampshire.

He is accused of grabbing items valued at about $2,000 from a shelf and running toward the exit door. A Best Buy employee told police Johnson was swinging a knife at him as he tried to prevent him from leaving. At that point, the employee stepped out of his way, and Johnson left the mall and ran toward Huse Road. Police did a K9 track in the area but were unsuccessful.

Johnson was charged with armed robbery and convicted felon in possession of deadly weapon, and arraigned on Dec. 16.

Johnson, who remained in custody at the NH State Prison, was charged in absentia with the new charges of one count of unauthorized taking (class B felony), one count of receiving stolen property (class B felony), and one count of theft by deception (class A misdemeanor).

Johnson will be arraigned on the new charges Dec. 30 in Hillsborough Superior Court-North.