Support one of our own by attending meat raffle for wounded soldier

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

VFW meat raffle to benefit Army Specialist Josh Keller.

Back in February of this year, Army Specialist Joshua Keller was critically wounded in a tragic accident while on active duty with the Army. He is recovering, but needs specialized housing modifications for his wheelchair and other medical needs. Hudson VFW Post 5791 is holding a meat raffle to raise money for Josh’s parents to create a suitable living space for Josh. The meat raffle is on November 10th at 7 pm at the VFW Post at 15 Bockes Rd, Hudson, NH, just off Rte 111 and Lawrence Rd.

 But what is a meat raffle? Many people have never been to one. Meat raffles are common in England, Australia, the USA and parts of Canada. At the VFW, there are usually 20 games per night for packaged meat plus a 50/50.  The prizes include steaks, chicken, breakfast items and pork, plus some sort of “surf and turf.” Each round only cost one dollar, two for the surf and turf. Each player draws a stapled hand of three cards that make up the players’ raffle tickets and the raffle caller starts flipping through a deck of cards. Whoever has the first hand with all three cards called yells “raffle” and wins the prize. The word “raffle” is often replaced by “bingo” or just an excited squeal!
There’s plenty of time between hands for conversation with old or new friends at each table. There are free hot dogs and chips, too. A great time is had by all at these events.
Anyone who has a “We support our troops” bumper sticker or lawn sign should be there to support one of our own troops! Anyone who feels guilty because they don’t have a sign or sticker can ease their guilt by coming out to support Josh!  By the way, Josh is the grandson of the VFW Post’s Chaplain, Jack Cantara,so this is an even more important event for the Post.
As a special way of thanking vets, the Post is also raffling off one free membership for any vet who attends the meat raffle and who is not currently a member. Anyone who has been honorably discharged from any branch and who has earned a campaign ribbon or other award from foreign service during one of dozens of conflicts is eligible. That raffle is free to all who qualify to enter. Those who don’t win are, of course, encouraged to join the VFW. There are not only great benefits in joining, but the VFW makes your voice heard in Concord and Washington, DC. The VFW serves both its members and veterans as a whole.
Those vets who did not serve in foreign conflicts and members of an eligible vet’s family are themselves eligible to join the VFW Auxiliary. They are a critically-important part of the VFW, and they do fantastic things to support our vets and the community at large! They will be there to talk to you at the raffle.
Josh and his fiancée and their families will be grateful to all who come out to support them. Put “support our troops” into action and have fun at the same time!

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