Supply chain: Cash from motorist, to panhandler, to heroin buy, to jail

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MANCHESTER, NH – A city man was arrested Thursday by undercover police officers who say they watched him panhandle some money from a car stopped in traffic, and then caught him with drugs after he slipped into an abandoned building to use heroin.

On Thursday December 10 at approximately 11:50 a.m. Officer Tony Battistelli and Sgt. Michael Biron who were working undercover observed Michael Dunton, 27, of Manchester, panhandling at the intersection of Beech and Bridge streets. While traffic was stopped, Dunton ran down the sidewalk toward a motorist stopped in traffic who handed him cash, according to police. Dunton looked at the cash and walked briskly from the area, police said.

A short time later the officers observed Dunton enter a building posted “no trespass” on Hanover street at Beech Street. The officers approached on foot where they witnessed Dunton hiding in a corner, holding a syringe in one hand and a plastic bag of heroin in the other.

Dunton was subsequently arrested, charged with: possession of a controlled drug; and criminal trespass. He is set to be arraigned in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on December 11.


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  • greatjobyoureheroes

    good thing Manchester PDs hard working undercover units took down this violent rapist murdering drug king pin, and posted this glorious arrest for all the world too see. Probably saved like 30 lives. Good job guys.

    • Mark Murray

      You’re just pissed because the cops took one of your better customers out of commission. Guess you’ll be going back to trolling around the high schools.