Sununu: ‘I will never support anything that suppresses the student vote. End of story’

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MANCHESTER, NH  – On Dec. 8, 2017 at  local community event in Manchester, Governor Chris Sununu said that he “hates” HB372, and “is not a fan.”  When asked if he would veto HB 372, Governor Sununu said he “would never support anything” that comes to his desk that “suppresses the student vote.  End of story.”  

America Votes, a national political action organization with a local New Hampshire chapter, views HB 372 as a post-election poll tax disenfranchising the military, visiting professionals and students who have the right to vote in New Hampshire.

“It is once again disappointing to see the legislature focus on limiting participation in our election process rather than finding ways to modernize our elections” America Votes New Hampshire State Director Liz Wester said. “We are pleased that Governor Sununu has a new found commitment to ensuring that every eligible voter can vote. We should be focusing on ways to ensure every eligible voter participates in our elections instead of continuing the trend of politicians trying to pick their voters.”   

“I’ve seen dozens of friends pack their bags and move out of state because our politicians aren’t putting policies in place that support young people and represent our values.  Bills like HB 372 alienate out of state students and make young people that much more likely not to come to New Hampshire” said Ben Kremer, New Hampshire Youth Movement activist, who asked Governor Sununu about HB372 in the above YouTube clip.

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