Studio 550 brings you the summer of 100 monsters: Finders keepers + sweet rewards

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Owners of Consuelo’s Taqueria with the elusive 2014 albino monster – will you be this year’s lucky finder?


MANCHESTER, NH –  Studio 550 Art Center will release 100 little clay Monsters on Aug. 22 into the wild of  Manchester’s downtown. The purpose of this activity is to have fun while encouraging residents to slow down, play like a kid, and walk their city in search of the out-of-the-ordinary.

Monsters will be tucked in hiding places around the downtown.
Clay monsters will be tucked in hiding places around the downtown.

Monster Finders get the immediate reward of being able to keep the monster they find. They also have the added bonus of a beautifully crafted chocolate coin if they show their monster at Dancing Lion Chocolate at 917 Elm Street. Also, if Monster Finders show their monster at Studio 550 Art Center, they can pull a prize out of a jar. Prizes will range from Studio merchandise, to free pottery, to a free class or gift card. Each monster has an ID number.

Each year, there has been a single albino monster in the mix. The person who finds the albino monster wins a Date Night in the Pottery Studio or a Family Clay workshop.
The Monsters will be concentrated in the heart of downtown and side streets. All Monsters will be placed in public places with a lot of foot traffic and in locations that are easily visible to pedestrians. Typically, Monsters like to hide in places that people see every day, but just do not usually have a reason to keep looking. A windowsill, the corner of a bench, or a flower planter are all places Monsters like to hide, but they could be anywhere.

Keep your eyes open, starting Aug. 22.
Keep your eyes open, starting Aug. 22.

Participants are asked to only take one. If more than one is found, participants are asked to leave those monsters to brighten someone else’s day.  Participants are also encouraged to share what they discover on the Studio 550 Facebook page.

“I look forward to this every year,” says Monica Leap, Studio 550 Programs Manager.

Monsters are being released throughout the day. They will be out on the same day as the “Where the Wild Things Are”-themed InTown Manchester Family Fest in Veteran’s Park. At the Studio 550 table at Family Fest, visitors will be able to play with clay and make their own monsters.

For more information, see, call 603.232.5597 or stop by the studio at 550 Elm St. in Manchester, NH.

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