Stella! Scenes from the blizzard, where to find whiskey, and a sneak peek at the next storm

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Helping hands give a stranded motorist a push on Chestnut Street near the NH Institute of Art.

MANCHESTER, NH – Snow continued to fall across the region, burying Manchester in at least a foot of snow by late afternoon. The blizzard will persist – with winds and more snow – until at least 11 p.m., according to National Weather Service meteorologist James Brown, who double-checked his most recent radar images from his outpost in Gray, Maine, to see if there was any chance the storm might fizzle.

Not a chance, says Brown.

Snow totals for southern New Hampshire are still on track to be around 18 inches, give or take, depending on where you are – not counting snow drifts from the winds that are coming and which could create more problems – especially if tree limbs go down, taking power lines with them. Check here for generator safety tips from NH Fire Marshal William Degnan.

State and city road crews were on the move, plowing where they could, at least until the 10 p.m. citywide snow emergency parking ban goes into effect, giving them complete access to streets. As you know, cars still parked on city streets between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. are likely to be towed to the city impound lot at Derryfield Park on Bridge Street.

If you see this guy out and about, send him to my house.

Based on the empty shelves last night, most residents made it to a local supermarket in advance of the storm for the staples – bread, milk and beer.

If you didn’t stock up on the hard stuff, you were among those disappointed to find that every NH state liquor store closed at 3 p.m. Tuesday, due to the storm.

If you don’t have a generous neighbor with a whiskey stash, you may be stuck with hot cocoa tonight.

Looking ahead, Brown says there could be another storm warning in our immediate future, as another system appears to be developing below us. Whether it will make it this far north remains to be seen.

Cross your fingers, and keep your shovel handy. 

Thanks to Jeffrey Hastings for the timely snow photos.


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