Spotlight On: Palace Theatre ‘Piano Men’ performance

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January 31 2020 PeterRamsey onstage
Peter Ramsey on stage Jan. 31 introducing the Pianomen. Photo/Keith Spiro

This week I’m shining the Spotlight On The Palace Theatre and the house that Peter Ramsey rebuilt with the ongoing support of thousands of enrolled members, supporters, sponsors and volunteers.

Just one last performance left, but Carl Rajotte’s “All New Piano Men” at the Palace Theatre is not to be missed. Saw it Thursday night in a nearly sold out house and it’s well worth trying to snag a few stray seats here and there for a rip-roaring musical salute to Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder and house favorites Billy Joel, Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

20200131 pianomen playbill
Playbill fo Pianomen. Photo/Keith Spiro

The Pianomen Dominique Scott and Kyle Martin shift seamlessly from flair to understated elegance and the urge to sing along gets its welcomed encouragement at just the right times. They are well suited to the task in both costume and piano prowess.

Kyle Martin played the role of “The Piano Man” in Billy Joel & Twyla Tharp’s 2007 Broadway production “Movin’ Out” and Dom Scott rocks his return to the role he originated nine years ago at the Palace. Last show is Sunday Feb 2 at noon. Click here for tickets.

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