Spend a fun-filled Saturday learning Robot Building Basics at the Makerspace

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Robots! Getting Started Class

MANCHESTER, NH – Spend a fun-filled Saturday learning the basics of building robots. This class is meant to be an introduction to those that want to get started tinkering with robots. Open to all levels experience we will be covering the basics of putting the bot together, soldering components on, and programing.

The class admission ($135) covers yourself, one partner, and a robot to take home. Bring a friend, daughter*, son*, family member, or co-worker To add a robot to your household!

All participants are required to bring their own laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux.)

Teacher info:  John Robert is a Programmer Analyst for an insurance company in Stamford, CT. He is the founder of Rippowam Labs in Stamford, CT. He grew up in Manchesterm and is a 1985 graduate of Central High School.

Class Syllabus:

Part 1 (approximately 60 minutes) – Build the robot chassis using the provided directions.

Part 2 (approximately 90 minutes) – Tutorial on the Arduino microcontroller board and the free integrated development environment (IDE). Students will upload a program to the Arduino and learn how to alter the code to change outcomes.

Part 3 (approximately 60 minutes) – Soldering demonstration. Students will solder headers onto their Adafruit Motor Shields

Part 4 (approximately 30 minutes) – Upload code to the bot and learn how to control speed and direction of the DC motors, so the bot can make turns and travel on a simple course.

Part 5 (approximately 60 minutes) – Tutorial on distance sensors (how they work; their strengths and weaknesses). We’ll connect one to our bot (this will include altering our bot code to read from the sensor)

Part 6 (rest of the class) – Student experimentation with their autonomous bot (What cool things can you make your bot do?)


**We can take lunch whenever the students feel like it.
**No experience necessary!

Future classes: Add Bluetooth control to your bot. Control your bot from your cell phone.

 *For ages 7-17, a guardian is required, please consider if your child is ready for robotics. Our class involves computer programing and hot soldering irons. The class is definitely accessible to almost any age, just keep in mind some kids are ready for this type of challenge and others are not. Please use your discretion to help us make this call.

Questions? Feel free to send us questions about the class at education@manchestermakerspace.org


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