Special delivery for this week’s InkLink gift card winner

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Rosie could not detect the scent of something potentially delicious – a $25 Mint Bistro gift card. Photo/Carol Robidoux

MANCHESTER, NH – Last week’s winner in our InkLink random eNews subscriber gift card give-away was Cheryl Ouellette of Bedford, and it was going to take more than a vacation, a snow storm and a contagious flu to keep me from delivering the goods.

When I contacted Cheryl last week to let her know her email address had been selected at random for a $25 Mint Bistro gift card, she was elated. She was also away on a North Carolina vacation.

Undeterred, I told her I’d be happy to drop off her winnings when she returned on Tuesday.

However a snow storm derailed my plans and then, life got in the way. Finally, I got in touch with Cheryl this afternoon to see what the rest of her day looked like.

The good news was it was early afternoon and Cheryl was at home. The bad news: She was down with the flu.

I told her I would take my chances, and headed over to her place. Along the way I had the urge to stop for some soup to deliver to Cheryl, along with her gift card – who doesn’t need a little comfort soup when sickness sets in?

Rosie was not impressed, but her mom, Cheryl Ouellette, seemed happy to see me show up with the gift card, and a side order of soup from Chen Yang Li, for her flu. Photo/Carol Robidoux

Fortunately Chen Yang Li was about halfway way between the short drive from my place to her’s. I stopped in and ordered a small vat of House Special Soup, and arrived a few minutes later, greeted by Cheryl’s hubby, who was collecting the mail from the mail box. He invited me up, and Cheryl dragged herself to the door, releasing Rosie the beautiful dog who was quick to check me out. I let her sniff the gift card for good measure, and she was unimpressed, turned and went back inside where it was warm. Cheryl’s hubby took the winnings and the comfort food, and Cheryl waved from the front door.

Another successful customer appreciation delivery!

If you’re wondering how to get in on the InkLink love, simply sign up for our daily eNews blast, delivered to your email box at 6 a.m. Here’s the link.  Next prize: $25 gift card to With Heart and Hand Unique Gifts on Elm Street.

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