Son breaks into mom’s apartment, caught by MPD shooting heroin in bathroom

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MANCHESTER, NH – Dylan Knowles, 21, of Manchester, was arrested Nov. 14 charged with felony burglary, possession of heroin and resisting arrest.

Just before 9 p.m. on Saturday police were dispatched to 342 Belmont Street, A1, for a reported burglary in progress. The homeowner had received a call while at work notifying her that her adult son, later identified as Knowles, had kicked in the apartment door and made entry into the apartment.

Knowles did not have permission to be inside the home and was not allowed to be there, according to his mother. When officer’s arrived at the address they found forcible entry at the front door. Knowles was found by police in the bathroom actively injecting heroin into his arm. He also had three uncapped needles on the sink/floor and a digital scale with brown powder residue on it, a metal spoon with brown liquid and cotton balls all recognized as drug paraphernalia.

Knowles was taken into custody and was scheduled for arraignment Nov. 16 in the 9th Circuit District Court Manchester.

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