Sobriety checkpoint rescheduled for May 22

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MANCHESTER, NH – As a result of the increasing incidents of drinking and driving, the Manchester Police Department applied for, and was granted, a Superior Court Petition to conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint. The “Sobriety Checkpoint” is an effective method of detecting and apprehending the impaired operator.

The checkpoint operation was rescheduled from April after unseasonably cold temperatures were forecast.

The program, approved by the NH Highway Safety Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, provides federal highway safety funds to support these checkpoints which will be conducted in Manchester.

By state law, checkpoint operations must be preapproved by a judge. Police announce the checkpoints once they have received approval. Location is not disclosed prior to set up.

A review of records has shown that the use of alcohol by individuals who operate motor vehicles has resulted in an alarming number of deaths and personal injury accidents. Therefore, in an effort to maintain safe roads in Manchester, the Manchester Police Department will be conducting a Sobriety Checkpoint in the Manchester area on Friday, May 22, 2015 into Saturday, May 23, 2015.

The purpose of the Sobriety Checkpoint is to detect and apprehend the impaired driver. Manchester Police Chief Mara has taken an aggressive stance to prevent persons from driving when intoxicated. New Hampshire has some of the most aggressive laws in the country to fight the intoxicated driver and the law enforcement community will use those tools to their full extent.

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