So, what’s next for trans satanic anarchist who lost her bid for Cheshire County sheriff?

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Aria DiMezzo says she won’t make a third run for Cheshire County Sheriff. Courtesy Photo

KEENE, NH – Maybe 2020 wasn’t meant to be the year of the “trans-woman anarchist who is also founder of a satanic church” at the ballot box, but Keene’s Aria DiMezzo is proud of the race she ran for Cheshire County Sheriff as the Republican candidate.

“I ran the best campaign I could have and brought the ideas of liberty to people who otherwise hadn’t heard them, so I’m tremendously happy with the campaign.

Always a bit of a long-shot candidate for the county sheriff’s position, DiMezzo garnered 7,950 votes to Democratic incumbent Eli Rivera’s 27,674, according to the unofficial vote tallies. DiMezzo, who ran and lost in 2018 while running as a Libertarian, said this is her last run for sheriff.

“Two times is enough, and this was likely the strongest an anarchist was going to get,” DiMezzo said. “Twenty-five percent was an impressive showing for a well-known Satanist anarchist trans woman, and I think it bodes well for the future.”

DiMezzo said she decided to try again as a Republican this year when she found out perennial Republican candidate Earl Nelson was not going to run. Nelson was dealing with cancer treatments over the summer, and had intended to bow out. When DiMezzo became the nominee, he mounted a write-in campaign to give Republican voters another choice. Nelson ended up with fewer than 3,000 votes.

Despite her anarchist leanings, DiMezzo said her views line-up pretty squarely with most Republicans.

“Republicans are all about smaller government, lower taxes, and gun rights. They are not going to find someone more in favor of smaller government, lower taxes and gun rights than I am. I just happen to take it a little bit further than they do,” DiMezzo said last month. “There is nothing I stand for that is not part of the GOP platform. On paper they agree with everything I said.”

DiMezzo ran on a platform of promising to stop the prosecution of laws she deems as victimless, like drug crimes and sex crimes. Her campaign slogan was “F*** the Police.”

While DiMezzo hasn’t announced her next political campaign, she is adamant she will not run again for sheriff.

“I’ll leave running for the same office and losing repeatedly to others who want to do that,” she said.

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