Sixide Vape Lounge liquor license revoked after police testimony of ‘nuisance’ business

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Sixide Vape Lounge closed after hearing at City Hall.

MANCHESTER, NH Sixide Vape Lounge, 123 Hanover St., owned and operated by Randy Guerrero of Manchester,  had their State of NH Alcohol and Tobacco License revoked. The Manchester Police Department in conjunction with the State of NH Liquor Commission, City of Manchester Licensing and the City Solicitors Office conducted an investigation and filed a petition with the state to revoke the license.

The petition alleged that during the six months the club was open, the police department responded to and investigated employees and patrons consuming alcoholic beverages after hours, lewdness, indecent exposure, sales of controlled drugs, loud noise complaints, numerous assaults/fights and reckless conduct resulting gunshots fired in the vicinity of the licensed premises.

An administrative hearing was held in the Aldermanic Chamber at City Hall in March of 2017. The hearing dealt with the petition filed by the Manchester Police Department. Sergeant Michael Biron and Officer Michael McGee testified on behalf of the police department. The administrative hearing was presided by State of New Hampshire Chief Hearing Officer Plaia. Testimony was also provided by owner and operator Randy Guerrero. Based on the testimony and exhibits presented, the state hearings officer found it more probable that the gang activity, fights, gunshots and increased calls for service were directly attributable to the patrons of the Sixide establishment with an increase in violence, resulting in revocation of license.  

Manchester Police remain vigilant while dealing with problematic businesses. Sixside Vape Lounge was one such business and as a result they are no longer operating within our city. We will continue to work on quality of life issues and criminal complaints stemming from problematic businesses.


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