Reset: 40 is the New Happy

Reset: 40 is the New Happy, a podcast series by local radio personality Mike Morin, exploring how leaps of faiths and mid-life change in direction can often mean finally finding your bliss.

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Stephanie Edwards: Bodybuilding shaped career move, from paralegal to fitness guru

When Stephanie Edwards became the go-to person at her law office for advice about fitness and nutrition, she began to realize it would become her call to re-invention. Listen to her story, the latest in Mike Morin’s Reset: 40 is the New Happy series. Continue Reading →

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From altar boy to a brush with Stephen King, how author Dick Hatin found his post-retirement groove

Podcast: A second-act after retiring from his job with the federal government meant realizing his potential as a novelist, who explores the clash between good and evil. Click play to listen to Dick Hatin’s story. Continue Reading →

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Colette Jurnak: Patience is a virtue, in parenting and in the Man-in-Training T-shirt biz

Man-in-Training T-shirt Co. CEO Colette Jurnak took the long way to finding her passion, so far a rewarding shift, from the world of finance to one of fun. Continue Reading →

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How this couple followed their passion and struck gold with True North Granola

From humble beginnings as farmers’ market vendors, today True North Granola products can be found throughout the country, including New Hampshire – from Maggie’s Market in Peterborough to Whole Foods in Nashua and beyond. And they are still fixtures in their hometown at the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market. Continue Reading →

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Poison ivy no match for Helaine Hughes, pest plant removal expert

There aren’t many people making a living removing poison ivy plants in New Hampshire – or the country. Helaine Hughes of Greenfield loves her job of traveling New England and removing the scourge that affects so many people who enjoy the great outdoors. Continue Reading →

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Kris Magnusson: From hamster-wheel of corporate stress to zen of personal health coach

Many midlife reinventions happen due to corporate downsizing or losing passion for a career of many years. Kris Magnusson, founder of, is a health coach who left a lucrative career for a very different motivation, as you will hear. Continue Reading →

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Gina Anderson: From software techie to joyful pet treat-maker

Gina Anderson left the corporate world to embark on an animal-centric venture called Good Paws Bakery & Gifts. Listen in to hear how she made the transition. Continue Reading →

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Amanda LaClair, from industrial mechanics to role modeling: ‘This is not our mothers’ Girl Scouts’

Amanda LaClair’s second act in life is inspiring young girls and women to pursue their paths to happiness with confidence through Girl Scouts. Click the play button to hear her story. Continue Reading →

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20-year-overnight success: Mixing it up with Tom and his zesty Camp Mix

Camp Mix, an all-purpose seasoning product, is produced in Hollis and consumed all over the country. Tom, the man behind the mix, humbly jokes that he is a 20-year overnight success. His is one of my favorite stories from this series. Continue Reading →

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Joan Connacher: Following her passion, from nurse to financial advisor

For her first act, Joan Connacher of Nashua helped people with their health and well being. The second act of this retired nurse involves helping others with their financial well being. Just click play for her story. Continue Reading →

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