September grand jury indictments from Hillsborough County

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MANCHESTER,  NH – A city man is under indictment on a first-degree assault charge for seriously injuring another individual when he allegedly pistol-whipped him after breaking into his apartment last February.

The two indictments against Brandon Velez, 21, of 325 Amherst St., for first-degree assault and burglary, are among the 146 indictments for September handed up by a grand jury sitting in Hillsborough County Superior Court Northern District.  They were made public on Monday.

Velez is accused of breaking into a Merrimack Street residence on Feb. 2, 2021 and striking “D.C.” 11 times in the head with a firearm causing “D.C.” to sustain bruising, swelling and/or lacerations to his face and head.

Co-defendant Courtney Willis, 31, of 236 Merrimack St., was indicted on charges of falsifying physical evidence and hindering apprehension for a class A felony.  According to the indictments, she is accused of deleting text messages and/or pictures from her cell phone on Feb. 2, 2021 that were “relevant to an assault police were investigating.”   She also is accused of concealing or destroying physical evidence on her cell phone that might aid investigators in the “discovery, apprehension or conviction of Brandon Velez, electronic information identifying Velez as the perpetrator of the assault.”

The following information was provided by the Hillsborough County Superior Court as part of the public record. According to the NH Law Library an indictment is a criminal charge against a person by a Grand Jury. A Grand Jury considers evidence presented by the County Attorney or the Attorney General and decides whether there is sufficient evidence to formally charge a person with committing a crime. The Grand Jury does not decide if a person is guilty or innocent. 

  Others indicted include: 

  • Fernando Anton, 30, of 354 Calef Road, three counts each of second-degree assault and simple assault.  The second-degree assault indictments accuse him of throwing a glass pineapple at a 12-year-old girl, cutting her right foot; throwing a hamper at a 10-year-old boy, hitting him in the nose; and kicking his domestic partner in the head causing swelling to her face.  The simple assault counts alleged he spat on Officer Eric Cooper’s chest; kneed Officer Thomas Donovan in the right thigh and kicked him in his right calf.
  • Adam Bemis, 37, detained in the Valley Street jail, four counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault, two counts of indecent exposure and one count of felonious sexual assault.   Between Sept. 2, 2017 and Sept. 2, 2020, Bemis is accused of sexually assaulting a girl, beginning when she was 10 years old and ending three years later.  The indictments alleged he masturbated in front of the child and had her masturbate him.  He also is accused of using a vibrator on her on three different occasions.
  • Alija Besic, 26, of 19 Old Falls Road, reckless conduct.  On April 3, 2021, Besic is accused of firing a gun in the Draft Kings parking lot, 1279 So. Willow St.
  • Kevin Croft, 29, 348 Spruce St., theft by unauthorized taking, theft by deception, falsifying physical evidence and possession of crack cocaine.  On March 23, Croft is accused of stealing G.P.’s power wheelchair, valued at more than $1,500, and then selling it to US Gold and Diamond Exchange for $125.  The falsifying evidence charge accuses him on June 8, 2021, of being in possession of crack cocaine and putting the plastic bagging containing it in his mouth to hide it from police.
  • Gerald Davichik, 70, of 59 Garden Drive, reckless conduct and criminal threatening.  On May 18, 2021, Davichik produced a gun and threatened “AGD” that “I will blow brains out.”   The two struggled over the gun which fired, sending a bullet into the floor of a third story apartment building.
  • Michael Demille, 49, of 118 Beech St., criminal threatening and two counts of reckless conduct.  Demille is accused of pointing a gun at “AP” on July 8 2021, and throwing a handgun and a rifle into the air while standing on a balcony, endangering the residents of the apartment building.
  • Jonathan Doleo, 29, of 20 Wellman Ave., two counts of theft of lost or mislaid property.  He is accused of keeping a gun and more than $1,500 in cash that were lost or mislaid by “R.S.”
  • Derek Gagne, 32, of 104 O’Malley St., forgery of government instrument.  According to the indictment, in Goffstown, Gagne wrote a check, dated Jan. 8, 2021 on the account of the town of Salisbury in the amount of $4,269.11 and altered it by inserting his name instead of the original payee.
  • Johnny Gallego Velaquez, 22, homeless, reckless conduct.  On July 12, 2021, Gallego Velaquez is accused of firing a pistol while running in the area of 263 and 269 Spruce St.
  • Kacy Gomez, 42, of 241 Union St., Apt. 3, first floor, first-degree assault.  On Sept. 5, 2020, Gomez is accused of striking “T.B.” in the head with a baseball bat.
  • David Grover, 34, homeless, arson.  On Sept. 25, 2020, Grover is accused of setting a fire that caused more than $1,000 in damage to a 2009 Nissan Murano owned by “C.P.” 
  • Isaiah Allen Guerra, 27, of 393 Manchester St., Apt. 3, five counts of second-degree assault.  According to the indictments, on March 11, 2021, Guerra struck “KK” in the trunk, causing a broken rib and sustaining a L1 transverse fracture; punched “KK” in the face multiple times causing bruising; hit “KK” in the head with a candle causing a cut to the scalp. 
  • Leroy Kear, 34, of 455 Pine St., two counts of criminal threatening and one charge of being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon.  On July 26, 2021, Kear is accused of pointing a knife at “C.M.” and “S.H.”
  • Jason Lewis, 38, of 179 Oak Hill Road, Weare, 14 charges, including a pattern of aggravated felonious sexual assault and charges of child endangerment, involving the alleged sexual assault of a girl, beginning when she was 12 years old. The indictments allege the assaults happened between Nov. 1, 2020 and June 20, 2021, with Lewis accused at times of tying the child to a bed and raping her. 
  • Samantha Shanley, 21, of 334 Rimmon St., Apt. 1B, falsifying physical evidence and criminal threatening, domestic violence.  On May 24, 2021 in Lyndeborough, Shanley is accused of holding a firearm and threatening C.L. with “I’ll shoot you in the face.”  The following day, Shanley took the firearm to “W.R.” at his residence at 374 Main St., Wilton “to impair its verity or availability” for a criminal investigation, according to the indictment.
  • Brandon Sinclair, 36, of 5 Vernon St., reckless conduct.  On June 15, 2021, he put “C.C.,” an intimate partner, in serious danger of bodily injury when he drove a motor vehicle with “C.C.”  on the hood.
  • Dy’Vee Spencer, 21, of Springfield, Mass., reckless conduct and falsifying physical evidence.  According to police, on July 16, 2021, they were called to the area of the Jewel Nightclub for a reported shooting.  Officer Alexandros Hondros, who was patrolling in the area, heard the gunshot and saw a blue Audi leaving the area at a high rate of speed.  Hondros pursued the car and other officers responded to the scene.   

Hondros pulled over the Audi which stopped but then took off. Police again gave chase when the car crashed on a dead-end street.  Police said Spencer backed his car into a  parked truck and then crashed head-on into Hondros’ cruiser.  Spencer then  tried to flee the scene but was quickly apprehended and arrested.  During the police chase, Spencer allegedly tossed a gun out the window.

 In the meantime, four people, who had been at the Jewel Nightclub earlier that night, arrived at the Elliot Hospital for treatment of shotgun wounds.  They were injured when the van they were in was sprayed with bullets as they were heading south on Interstate 293 in Manchester.

  • John Taylor, 34, whose address is listed as the homeless shelter at 199 Manchester St., witness tampering.  On June 22, 2020 he is accused of threatening to smother E.M. with a pillow for providing information to New Horizons.
  • Nyah Velasquez, 18, of 145 Pearl St., second-degree assault, credit card fraud and two counts of theft by unauthorized taking. On April 1, 2021 Velasquez allegedly injured “Z.Q.” when she struck “Z.Q.” with her car.  
  • Nancy Waller, 65, formerly of 312 Francestown Road, New Boston, two counts abuse of facility patients and one count of second-degree assault.  Between Dec. 23 and Dec. 28, 2020, Waller was working as a registered nurse at Rose Meadow Farm, an assisted living facility in New Boston, when she willfully abused “S.H.”, then 58, by prying his finger(s) off a call bell causing him to suffer one or more fractures to his left hand, according to the indictments.  She then allegedly prevented him from being examined by outside medical professionals.
  • Brian Wood, 52, of 448 Chestnut Hill Road, No. 3, New Boston, felonious sexual assault and aggravated felonious sexual assault.  Between June 9, 2017 and June 9, 2018, in Manchester, Wood is accused of stroking a 10-year-old boy’s penis. 
  • Ray Ziakas, 48, of 18 Morton St., three counts of second-degree assault involving two people.  On Feb. 16, 2020, he is accused of striking “D.M.” in the face, breaking his nose.  He also is accused of punching “I.H.” in the head, knocking him out and then kicking him twice in the head causing “I.H.” to suffer a concussion.



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