Seniors of America: Trump is a charlatan who will deny you Social Security, Medicare

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SoapboxThe basic difference between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump can be summed up in one word: “entitlement.”

Republicans believe that Social Security is a gift from the government, an entitlement, rather than a right. Because it is a gift, Trump and Republicans like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan feel that Social Security and Medicare are something that can be denied seniors if they, the Republicans, choose to do so.

Republicans do not recognize the right of seniors who worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and played by the rules, to live in dignity with financial security in the twilight of their lives. Why should we expect Republicans to recognize this right, a right guaranteed by Social Security and Medicare, when they have fought against Social Security from the very beginning, since the Social Security Administration was created back in 1935?

Speaker Ryan, a Republican, came to power in the House on a pledge to scale back the so-called “entitlements” of Social Security and Medicare. He also is dedicated to eliminating the “entitlement” of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) for those people suffering from afflictions. Republican Ryan even has tried to eliminate SSDI for military veterans!

SSDI is a relatively new program and must be reauthorized by Congress in 2017. Trump and a Republican Congress surely will eliminate it, while cutting funding for the core programs of Social Security and Medicare.

Billionaire Donald Trump, the son of a multimillionaire, does not recognize the right of his contractors and business partners to be paid for work dutifully done. Instead, he refuses to pay the bills of the architects and tradespeople who entered into a bargain in good faith with Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman, forcing them to sue him in a court of law to get monies rightfully owed them.

Aside from his own multiple bankruptcies, Trump has bankrupted many of these people. Donald Trump is a charlatan. His business career as a real estate speculator and casino impresario has been characterized by bad faith.

The seniors of America cannot enter into a bargain with this merchant of misery by voting for him. His past business dealings and his lack of character reveal that, if elected, Donald Trump will break the contract this country made with seniors. How many of my fellow seniors will be financially ruined as a result? It is frightening to think of.

Social Security was created and shepherded over its first ten years by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat. Medicare, a program first proposed by Democratic President “Give ‘Em Hell Harry” Truman but thwarted by a Republican Congress, was created by President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat.

Social Security and Medicare, the two programs that guarantee the right of seniors to live in dignity, have survived due to the efforts of Democrats like Hillary and Bill Clinton for 81 years, my entire lifetime. The right of seniors to live in dignity was secured by Democrats, who have been fought by Republicans every step of the way.

It has been a constant struggle not just to expand benefits, but to keep the Republicans from destroying Social Security and Medicare. Donald Trump, who evaded military service when his country was at war, constantly likes to invoke the names of Army generals while on the campaign trail. If elected president, he will provide Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republican Party with the general they need in their decades-long fight against Social Security. Though Trump avoided the battlefield when his country was at war, waging war on seniors is one fight we can expect him to join.

I have known Hillary Clinton since the time of the 1992 New Hampshire Presidential primary, when she was a young wife and mother married to the governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, Democrat. She is a fighter who has never backed away from a battle. I know Hillary to bea tireless fighter for seniors.

I urge all seniors, and all voters concerned with preserving the right of seniors to live in dignity and security, to vote for Hillary Clinton for president.

William B. Cashin

Manchester, NH

William Cashin Portrait Aldermanic ChamberWilliam B. Cashin served a record 16 consecutive terms on the Manchester Board of Mayor and Alderman representing Wards 10 and 11. The William B. Cashin Senior Activity Center is named in his honor.




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