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Manchester Monarchs

Larissa, a Fairy Tale of Sorts – Part 1: Too smart and charming for our own good

Larissa will find another job. She’s insightful and gifted and attractive, and that’s what her references will say. They won’t say she’s a drunk. They won’t want to damage her opportunities because “She’s so great when she’s not drinking. If it weren’t for that . . .” Unfortunately, those ellipses never end without change, and that change doesn’t seem to come without work on our part. READ MORE

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Farewell, Monarchs

Last week the Manchester Monarchs concluded their season, falling at the hands of the Newfoundland Growlers. This week, they announced what many expected, but hoped would not come to pass: the Manchester Monarchs will not return next year.It’s May 15, 2019, welcome to Monarchs Country for one last time. READ MORE