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At home – with hope – in Keene:  A Mexican rancher starts over

Problem-solving comes naturally to Luis, who raised cattle and horses on a ranch in Mexico until it became too dangerous to stay.  Finally, one night, without turning on the headlights of their vehicle, he set out for the Texas border with his family, Maria and three children. Luis had a visa from earlier trips to the United States and Canada on cattle business. He and the family were admitted legally through a port of entry to seek asylum.    READ MORE


From Honduras to Keene via Mexico: A young mother gains independence

In less than 20 minutes, Kenia got via Zoom what she’d struggled and suffered for since leaving Honduras and since she crossed the Mexico border at Juarez into El Paso TX in  October of 2019.  Asylum status gives her the right to a permanent Social Security number, a green card, to many social services and, eventually, the right to apply for American citizenship.  READ MORE

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Behind the success of a Sudanese couple: ‘Sometimes you have to prove yourself’

Now they and their five children live in a 3-story home on the West Side of Manchester with a welcoming screened-in porch.  James is in his 15th year working in shipping and receiving at Velcro USA. Nyanit, among other jobs, is in her eighth year working at Carlyle Place, assisting in dietary and housekeeping, and has been promoted to the role of a Licensed Nursing Assistant.  READ MORE