Backyard Brewery
Brewery Scene

The Brewery in Your Backyard

Few establishments can make a better claim to being a fixture in Manchester than Backyard Brewery & Kitchen. Its current incarnation as a brewery and restaurant is only about six years old, though family ownership reaches much further back, to when the current owner’s father had it for years and operated it as The Yard Restaurant. Before that, it was The Green Shutter restaurant — that incarnation probably reaches back to the ’70s. The end result of all this history is a place that’s extremely comfortable — for an individual, for a couple, for a family, or for a group from work. READ MORE

Ledge Bar
Brewery Scene

Heading North to Ledge Brewing Co.

This time of year many Manchester residents load up the minivan and head north for a little summer getaway. And as a wise man once said, what’s saison for the goose is saison for the gander, so this week your intrepid beer surveyor did the same. Thus, this episode of Brewery Scene comes to you special delivery from North Conway. READ MORE