The Soapbox

Why I am voting for Chris Morgan for Alderman in Ward 1

I have personally seen what Chris has done for thousands of Manchester’s kids and families. His youth sports organization, which he runs and manages himself, has brought thousands of kids and families together on fields across our city. It’s clear Chris Morgan cares about this community and its youth by putting in so much time and energy building important sports programs in places our city is lacking. READ MORE

Point of View

NH joins the dark side of immigration along with extremist red states

Recent action by NH Gov Chris Sununu and his Attorney General John Formella to showboat an increase of border patrol enforcement 10 fold and expend $1.4 million of NH tax money is way over the top and unnecessary.  Let’s remember that NH only borders Canada for 58 miles, virtually all of which is heavy forest, with the exception of a small country road crossing at Pittsburg, NH. READ MORE

Point of View

The Soapbox: ‘Why I’m Supporting Will Stewart for Mayor’

These are tough times in the Queen City, no doubt, and we can no longer look towards the past for solutions to today’s challenges. If we are to move the Queen City forward, we need to be bold in our endeavors and progressive in our thinking. I believe Will has the necessary skills, temperament, humility, and appreciation for Manchester’s diverse communities to make a real difference in everyday people’s lives. READ MORE