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Why I am voting for Chris Morgan for Alderman in Ward 1

I have personally seen what Chris has done for thousands of Manchester’s kids and families. His youth sports organization, which he runs and manages himself, has brought thousands of kids and families together on fields across our city. It’s clear Chris Morgan cares about this community and its youth by putting in so much time and energy building important sports programs in places our city is lacking. READ MORE

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The Soapbox: ‘Why I’m Supporting Will Stewart for Mayor’

These are tough times in the Queen City, no doubt, and we can no longer look towards the past for solutions to today’s challenges. If we are to move the Queen City forward, we need to be bold in our endeavors and progressive in our thinking. I believe Will has the necessary skills, temperament, humility, and appreciation for Manchester’s diverse communities to make a real difference in everyday people’s lives. READ MORE

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From misconceptions to protection: Closing the gap in New Hampshire’s flood insurance coverage

Most people assume that their home insurance covers any flood damage they might have, but it does not – It is critical to appreciate that homeowners insurance almost never covers flood damage. Without a separate flood policy, any damage resulting from flooding or flood-related erosion caused by waves or currents accompanied by a severe storm, a flash flood, an abnormal tide surge, or something similar, will not be covered. READ MORE

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The Soapbox: When helping is not helping

What too many people don’t realize is that some attempts to “help” can actually hurt. This hurt can be emotional, physical, or both. I use a walker mostly for balance issues. I am very independent, I can live alone and get around on my own, and I do not need a companion or caregiver to help me get through life. Nor do I want one. I can open doors on my own. READ MORE