Not That Profound

The Tale of Mr. 10 Percent

I earned my moniker based on my average tip. I was so terrible at serving the public their meals that my shifts were restricted to Wednesday lunches where seniors ate half-price, and my section was limited a pair of two-tops by the kitchen. On occasion, I was assigned a four-top when the manager pitied me, in the way one might pity a three-legged dog. READ MORE


Me versus The Grind

The tattoo is a daily reminder to me that while my condition on earth may be absurd, it’s ultimately up to me what I decide to make of it. By acknowledging this absurdity, I can choose to embrace the Grinds, laugh at them, scorn them, whatever it takes to carve out my own meaning and find that elusive happiness. READ MORE

Not That Profound

Once again, I ‘Get a Life’

A relative Luddite, I’ve faced off with numerous technological windmills in my search, trying Amazon and eBay, as well as some deeper searches, but I always fell, defeated. At one point, I purchased a VHS tape with two episodes from Season 1—“The Prettiest Week of My Life” and “Bored Straight”—but the complete two-season oeuvre continued to elude me.  READ MORE

Not That Profound

Once upon a time in Red Sox Nation

These days, however, the Red Sox tone-deaf owner John Henry and their smug Head of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom—a low-rent version of the once-dynamic GM Theo Epstein—signed a few former All-Stars, a closer incapable of handling the new pitch-clock, and an overpriced Japanese outfielder. This was the sum of an off-season for a 2022 team that finished in last place in the AL East.  READ MORE