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Letters to the Editor

Open Letter to NH lawmakers: Reintroduce HB 192 for oversight of sex offender treatment program

It is a clear mistake the way the prison withholds sex offender therapy until the last two years of an offender’s minimum sentence. Placing them in programming as early as possible has many advantages. It would allow them to address their offending issues while the memories are fresh in their minds. It would encourage family members not to abandon them. The offenders would be working on a key issue right at the start of incarceration. READ MORE

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Letters: Mediation Fails to Resolve Fire Contracts

Historically, since the inception of the city’s proposal and adoption of the Yarger-Decker pay scale, cost of living adjustments have been consistently applied to the City’s Unions. This year the City has been reluctant to follow this decades-old practice. Jeff Duval, President of Local 856, has stated repeatedly, “The Fire Fighters in the City are not looking for more than anyone else, we simply want to be treated the same as the other groups. The cost of living doesn’t change based upon what City department you work for.” READ MORE

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Letters to the Editor

Letters: ‘We all want a superintendent who can hit the ground running with wide community support’

According to what I have been able to download from the school district’s website, no room in the September 23 schedule is devoted to designated meetings with teachers, principals, parents, students, and/or community partners. True public input, it seems, will be possible only at a Friday night public forum to be convened mere hours before the board is set to extend a job offer to one of the finalists. READ MORE

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Letters to the Editor

As a Gold Star Parent, Sen. Ayotte’s Continued Support for Donald Trump is Deeply Disappointing

All of our political leaders have a moral responsibility to stand up to Trump and make clear that his actions are not befitting of any American, let alone someone running to be Commander-in-Chief. Our leaders, regardless of their political party, should send the message that it is unacceptable to support someone for President who would attack the family members of fallen soldiers. READ MORE