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Granite State of Mind

Losing Bruce

Because I’m a Bruce Springsteen cultist, I decided a few years back to leave the sweet bosom of New Hampshire for one day only and hit the Jersey Shore. Out of that fever and a well-developed hunch-meter hatched over 30-years of tailing Mr. Springsteen, I rallied a buddy from Manchester and my brother for an all-out road trip to Asbury Park, New Jersey in search of The Boss. READ MORE

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The Word Barn: Off the beaten path and so worth the ride

What owners Ben and Sarah Anderson are providing for the region’s arts community is top-quality creativity at an honest price. Set in a barn attached to a house off Newfield Road, tucked so quietly close to the road – we drove past the entrance four times heading to the show – this is the ideal place to visit if you love word, or song, or are just tired of having the same old conversation.


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Granite State of Mind

Loose ends, drippy faucets, trippy R&B at the Element, and Del Fuegos flashbacks

Bear with me, please. It’s been a hellacious week. The hour calls for a mash up of thoughts, some musical, some not. Nothing solid, just a string of loose ends to untangle, a series of observations that should be recorded before they are forgotten. Or, in other words: I don’t really have a story this week. Just a gaggle of thoughts. Like I said, the last seven days were an utter train wreck. READ MORE

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Granite State of Mind

Like ‘School of Rock,’ only I’m not Jack Black, and the rock lessons are happening at Granite State College

In one week, I’ll be doing something I never would have imagined I’d be doing, not in 100 years. And I’ve done some things — some good, some wicked, some better left forgotten. But teach a class? That was not on my “Do Before Dying” list. Visit Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado? Yes. Shave my head? One of these days. Interview Springsteen? God willing. But stand before a real class with real students, real people, people that have signed up for this class called “A Look Inside the NH Music Scene?” Well, that’s just weird. READ MORE

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Granite State of Mind

Area 23: A happening pub/music house in Concord, with ‘Gonzo flair’ and so much more

Area 23 Pub, located in the Smoke Stack Center on North State Street, has a little bit of everything going for it. There’s the Gonzo flair, inspired by the late, great writer, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. There’s the creative food, the Korean ribs and Surprise Sandwiches. Then there is the poetry, the cribbage tournaments, rant nights, movie nights, and of course, the live music, where local bands can “shine” and express themselves fully. READ MORE

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Granite State of Mind

Feast on the heady music of singer-songwriter Mark Erelli March 11 at NEC

I’m telling you, it’s going to be one of those nights down at NEC in Concord this Saturday. I can feel it. No rain, no snow or even fog in the forecast. Perfect weather for kicking around in the new downtown, breaking in the brick. A night built to drink, get fat, then walk it off. But of course, the only way to better that diet of fun is to feast on some heady music. Go ahead, gorge yourself. Let recording artist from Boston, Mark Erelli, spoon feed you into his world. He considers a lot of what most of us have forgotten, processes it honestly, and delivers those thoughts in song without fully understanding what the end game really means. READ MORE