Early retirement feels right on time

The new position did raise a few eyebrows at home.  Most of the kids that I work with at the course, two I nicknamed “The Pope” and “The Pilot,”  are about 35 years younger than me and in high school. They’re also classmates of my son at Pembroke Academy.  “That’s just weird, Dadda,” my boy would say to me.  “You work with kids from my school. You’re like 50-something. I bet they think we’re broke. Do you really make $8 an hour?”  I really do, son, I told him. READ MORE


You say you want a revolution – but do you really want another Civil War?

But this “New Civil War” is really putting a hex on some plans I had going. I wanted to go dune buggy riding in the Arizona desert. Wanted to go see the Red Claws play in Maine.  Wanted to watch my buddy walk the aisle again.  But instead, I guess, I’ll be fighting with my neighbors.  Is that correct?  And what are we fighting about?  Oh, yeah: Freedom.  Same stuff we fought over way back when.  Least we won’t have to rewrite the textbooks.  Tweak here, tweak there. READ MORE

Granite State of Mind

Help! Seeking clarity before pool season ends

Every morning I open the doors in the barn that leads out to the pool and kiss my Saint Christopher medallion around my neck and pray for clear water.  And every morning I curse back at Chris, holding him in contempt for the oath he broke, leaving me, yet again, with a cloudy blue pool.  Don’t make me move over to Saint Anthony, Christoper.  He’s been after me for years.   READ MORE


Granite State of Mind: Live monthly music format at The Bookery kicks off March 16 with Joey Clark

GSM and The Bookery on Elm Street, a treasure to the Queen City, no doubt one of its finest births, are teaming up to record live shows once a month right inside the doors of the bookstore.  I’ve listened to writers read their works at The Bookery, musicians play as well, and between the coffee and wine and shelves of books and the cool aesthetics of the entire store, it’s a perfect place to have people sit in the audience, nurse a drink and watch it all play out before your eyes.  And it’s FREE. READ MORE

Granite State of Mind

After the move: I once was lost but now am found – and I won’t make that mistake again

Having moved from Manchester to Pembroke over the last six months, I must admit that the transition has not been easy.  I miss everything about Manchester.  I miss my daily drive down Elm Street. I miss Paul, Lucy and Nick. I miss eating lunch at Steve’s Restaurant. I miss walking home after midnight from downtown.  I miss the grit, the snags, the seemingly endless array of characters in the Queen City. READ MORE

Granite State of Mind

Ode to Chelsea Paolini, whose shining light burned out too soon

The last time I saw Chelsea Paolini was in the parking lot at WKXL in Concord two summers back.  She had just done a performance on Granite State of Mind and was ripping on a bowl of smoke before her ride back to Dover.  The video attached to this story is of that performance.  And as you can see, Chelsea is on her game, looking strong, tanned and present, belting out an original, as she always did. READ MORE