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Some people come and go in your life.  Some stay too long. Some take you for an unforgettable ride

No, he’s not dead.  He just moved away with his special lady.  But not like, “we’re heading to New Boston or the seacoast” kind of move. I mean, they move, moved.  Like you can’t get Xfinity there.  The Celtics games come on weeks later.  Only videos available to watch are the “The Mary Jane Girls” and “Sha-Na-Na” outtakes. READ MORE

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Early retirement feels right on time

The new position did raise a few eyebrows at home.  Most of the kids that I work with at the course, two I nicknamed “The Pope” and “The Pilot,”  are about 35 years younger than me and in high school. They’re also classmates of my son at Pembroke Academy.  “That’s just weird, Dadda,” my boy would say to me.  “You work with kids from my school. You’re like 50-something. I bet they think we’re broke. Do you really make $8 an hour?”  I really do, son, I told him. READ MORE


You say you want a revolution – but do you really want another Civil War?

But this “New Civil War” is really putting a hex on some plans I had going. I wanted to go dune buggy riding in the Arizona desert. Wanted to go see the Red Claws play in Maine.  Wanted to watch my buddy walk the aisle again.  But instead, I guess, I’ll be fighting with my neighbors.  Is that correct?  And what are we fighting about?  Oh, yeah: Freedom.  Same stuff we fought over way back when.  Least we won’t have to rewrite the textbooks.  Tweak here, tweak there. READ MORE