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There’s no need to fear, D&P Undercar is here

Like a gang of superheroes for your cars and trucks, they’re ready to help and literally at your beck and call (603-627-3552) located at 55 Calef Road (just off Elm Street). I was referred to them because I needed a new exhaust system for my little old 1989 Toyota pickup truck and had gotten quotes that were very different (in a good way) from what I got from D&P, so I went for it. READ MORE

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Bruce, jack of all trades but master of one: Brotherhood

Everyone should have a brother Bruce. Mine turns 55 today and has been the best brother anyone could hope for. I have four living brothers, our youngest brother committed suicide in 2016. Bruce is now the baby of the family. Recently we mailed him a check as a small token of compensation for work he’s done over the decades. He should have cashed it a week ago, and will soon, hopefully. But that’s Bruce for you – he is always ready to help and never wants anything in return. READ MORE

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To the ‘baddest mother on the planet’

As a fan of Boston sports teams, and also a guy who likes studying the Bible, for the last couple of months or more I’ve been focused on comparisons between “Joseph Prince of Egypt” and Thomas the “GOAT” of New England. Both of them as young men had really big dreams. And both of them were hated by their brothers for dreams so lofty that would lead to tremendous dynasties. READ MORE

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Am I my brother’s killer?

I am my brother’s keeper, and need to live according to our Lord’s instruction, starting in Genesis all the way through the last verse of Revelation. We in America complain how little time we have and must listen to ourselves – we must use our time and resources to honor our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If we can live like our Lord and Savior (our perfect example), maybe then we won’t wonder, “Am I my brother’s killer?” READ MORE