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Random Shots & Personal Thoughts

For the love of Halloween

I step inside and I am immediately transformed back to the days of my early childhood. It’s Halloween in three rooms. I mean, really Halloween. Some people decorate like this for Christmas. Your eyes go everywhere so you don’t miss a thing. I am introduced and then shown how everything comes to life. It was magical. Things are lit, witches are moving, skeletons are dancing and a cat is shaking his head. I am in awe looking around and I cannot believe how beautiful it is. I think to myself, “this is a lot of work, they must really love Halloween.” I am told they love Christmas, too. Wow and double wow. READ MORE

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Random Shots & Personal Thoughts

Photo essay: Trespassing in beautiful NH neighbors’ yards!

I remember growing up being young and carefree. I didn’t see the colors of the fall or the beautiful flowers with every color of the rainbow, popping out in my neighbor’s yard. It didn’t seem to matter in those days. I had other things on the brain. Playing with my childhood friends. One, two, three red light and masked marble. I remember skunking a few friends with all their marbles just to give them back and do it again. READ MORE

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Random Shots & Personal Thoughts

From my kitchen window and beyond

I know what amuses me: Standing by my kitchen window (inside the house) and watching all my little friends arrive to feed off one simple little birdfeeder. Yes, I said ONE! The antics I can watch for hours just makes me smile. It’s fun watching a blue jay chasing away everyone as if he was the boss and had to have it all. Just like life, karma will always get you. I just love the picture of the blue jay sitting on my canopy rods waiting his turn as the squirrel does to him what he’s been doing to others and, hopefully, he has learned a lesson here: To be patient and let others have their turn. READ MORE