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Letters to the Editor

Rethinking the War on Drugs: ‘Stand up for the people you love and demand treatment instead of punishment’

I think you, the reader and voter, know that the War on Drugs has failed. I don’t know which way you should vote this fall, and I don’t really care. What’s important today is that you write your NH reps and let them know that we’ve had enough of the stupid War on Drugs, that it isn’t working, and that it’s time to look to new solutions. We’re ruining it for everyone else. READ MORE

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Letters to the Editor

Open Letter to the Citizens of Manchester and Elected Officials:

Recently, we spoke with someone who does not live in Manchester and has young children. They fully recognize that living in Manchester would highly benefit them professionally but are frankly “scared” of the Manchester School District. The reality is great work is being done under the leadership of Dr. Livingston and her staff, yet the constant barrage of negativity around our schools threatens this progress. READ MORE