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Clarity in Chaos

On implicit bias and the role it plays in the national conversation around race and policing

Racism is a ghoul that continues to rob us of our potential. Understanding the impacts continued and unacknowledged racism has had on all individuals is nothing to fear; facing and addressing what haunts our collective community is the only way forward toward common solution. In the words of the summer blockbuster, “We ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” and we shouldn’t shy away from naming what needs to be named. READ MORE

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Clarity in Chaos

Happy John Stark Day! Who’s ready to rise to the Stark Park pop-up cafe challenge?

Facebook reminded me that two years ago I had this crazy idea for a summer “pop-up cafe” series that would simultaneously build community, provide charity donations for up to 10 organizations, allow youth in need of summer employment to work on a worthy community endeavor, and allow established and emerging restaurant and catering companies a chance to explore some new offerings or expose a new market to their food. READ MORE

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Clarity in Chaos

Dear Dr. Brady: I suspect my child’s classmate may be suffering abuse. What should I do?

“My child came home with another student’s notebook. When I asked my child about who it belonged too, they said it belonged to a friend in their class. I noticed inside the notebook that there were suggestive pictures in the book. On another page there was a note that said “please stop hurting me.” I am so worried about this child and I don’t know what to do!” READ MORE

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Clarity in Chaos

New beginnings: Start of school means a clean slate – how will you stay motivated and on track?

Question: School’s almost back in session and between the school supply sales and the almost chilly nights I find myself feeling renewed. I am ready to double down on my diet, start my meditation training I have been putting off, and keep my top desk drawer neat and organized. Trouble is that by September 23 it will all go back to being what it was before. Are there any ways to stick with good intentions so that they last longer than one pencil sharpening? READ MORE

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Clarity in Chaos

Returning to work following a chronic illness: ‘I find myself feeling paralyzed’

Dear Dr. Brady: I have been out of the job market for several months until recently due to managing a chronic illness. I have a lot of talent and have a few promising options to pursue. I find myself feeling paralyzed as I put myself out there; I really want this next position to be one that I can flourish in but after my last employer I wonder if any company can be a good fit. I want an environment that values me and my skills, not just the products of these. How do I pick a match that will work for me as I return to full time work? READ MORE