The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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Chews Life Now! Can you escape the plastic apocalypse?

Plastic. The world is swimming in it. Oceans. Landfills. Even our arteries. That, according to a recent study released in the March 7 edition of New England Journal of Medicine.  Researchers studied the specimens of 304 patients who had undergone carotid endarterectomies – a procedure that removes plaque from dangerously narrowing arteries in the neck to avert stroke and/or heart attack. READ MORE

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Chews Life Now: Live Free and Dine – healthy in all flavors

Okay, so it hasn’t been the snowiest winter in memory.  Still, cabin fever is a legit disease of the mind. Without summer gardens to tend, balmy front porches for spontaneous neighbor gab fests, or July kayak paddles in the Nashua River, it forced this vegan to look for reinforcements. Like-minded devotees in a secular world.   Enter Vegan New Hampshire on Facebook, the social media group started in 2014 with close to 5K members – including moi as of January 19.   READ MORE

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Chews Life Now! The alternative is so last year

Come on. You didn’t think Carolyn Choate, of all people, would miss this annual opportunity to remind you of resolutions needing some serious neuron marinating, did you? Even though only 9% of Americans keep them – according to the National Center for Biotechnology Research – I believe in you! Like I always say, walk a mile in my cells and you’ll reach out for wellness solutions like a life ring on a choppy sea. Squeezing for dear life because, well, your life is dear.  READ MORE

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Chews Life Now! Have a Very Vegan Christmas

I know what a lot of you are thinking. This is the time of year when it won’t hurt to cheat a little and you’re right!  It’s the holidays. Duh! So, while I wouldn’t normally endorse sugar, processed plant-based foods from the frozen section – they’re really high in fats and sodium – or vegan cheeses and spreads for the same reasons, you don’t want to fall off the vegan wagon.   READ MORE

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Chews Life Now! Supplemental insurance vs. nature’s nutritional bounty

Before continuing with this series on how animal protein promotes systemic inflammation and chronic disease, I want to thank Manchester Ink Link readers who reached out to share their stories of health struggles and ultimate hope through a whole food, plant-based diet. If not ready to commit 100%, at least ready to make substantial changes. Feels like a win to me. READ MORE