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Clarity in Chaos

Dear Dr. Brady: I suspect my child’s classmate may be suffering abuse. What should I do?

“My child came home with another student’s notebook. When I asked my child about who it belonged too, they said it belonged to a friend in their class. I noticed inside the notebook that there were suggestive pictures in the book. On another page there was a note that said “please stop hurting me.” I am so worried about this child and I don’t know what to do!” READ MORE

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Behind Barbed Wire

Amazing Grace: Evolution of a prison letter-writing ministry

John, a prisoner in California, is a prolific writer, sending me 20 letters in 2012, 38 in 2013, 58 in 2014 and over 40 already in 2015. Letters are often delayed in being delivered so it is not uncommon to hear from him for several weeks that he has received no mail from me even though I write fairly regularly. Even the slightest break in my letter-writing would bring an apologetic letter saying he hoped he had not offended me in any way. READ MORE