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Millyard Museum Musings

A column on columns: Manchester’s got more columns than, well, than me

Everywhere I turn, there are hundreds, nay, thousands of architectural-type columns scattered throughout the city. They’re a staple on stately homes. For starters, check out North Elm Street. Then slide up to Hanover Hill. Swing on over to Coolidge Avenue – which we West Siders used to refer to as the French Riviera – then start your own random search. As for me, I keep veering into on-coming traffic as I scope them out through my side window. READ MORE

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Clarity in Chaos

Returning to work following a chronic illness: ‘I find myself feeling paralyzed’

Dear Dr. Brady: I have been out of the job market for several months until recently due to managing a chronic illness. I have a lot of talent and have a few promising options to pursue. I find myself feeling paralyzed as I put myself out there; I really want this next position to be one that I can flourish in but after my last employer I wonder if any company can be a good fit. I want an environment that values me and my skills, not just the products of these. How do I pick a match that will work for me as I return to full time work? READ MORE