Seabrook State Rep seeks to bring concerns of working families to Congress

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Rockingham County 20th District State Representative Bill Fowler (R-Seabrook). (Promotional Photo)

SEABROOK, N.H. – State Representative Bill Fowler has announced that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District this fall.

A first-term legislator, Fowler (R-Seabrook), served in the U.S. Army from 1987 to 1993, leaving at the rank of sergeant and then pursuing a degree in criminal justice from McIntosh Community College in Dover before working in private security and later as a general manager at a local UHaul.

Over time, Fowler entered semi-retirement, allowing him the time to run for the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2018.

Fowler’s primary motivation in heading to Concord revolved around reforming New Hampshire’s family court system, which he says has hurt working families by forcing them into unconstructive mediations they cannot afford. However, he believes that working families are not generally being heard by elected leaders due to the fact that most people with blue collar jobs cannot afford to run for state or federal office.

That motivation to help and speak for working families and underserved constituencies such as homeless veterans remains in his desire to head to now try and get to Washington.

“I just ran out of excuses. I sat here for the past two decades looking at all of the crap from the past few administrations asking why someone isn’t doing something about things in Concord,” he says. “It doesn’t take me long to feel the back of my head when I hit a pipe. I don’t need to be a career politician or sit on my butt for five decades to realize that we need to do something to get things fixed in Washington.”

Fowler also says that his political philosophies have been formed in part due to his own blue-collar background. For him, it’s far easier for the average family to save money than find new revenue sources when faced with a budget crunch, so he believes government should have this same perspective.

However, he also believes it’s important to work when Democrats whenever possible and break with the Republican Party when it serves the needs of his constituents.

“I am 100 percent Republican, but even Ronald Reagan crossed party lines many, many times,” says Fowler. “Birds need both a left wing and a right wing to fly.”

Fowler criticizes incumbent New Hampshire First District Congressman Chris Pappas (D-Manchester) and his lack of outreach to Republicans while also criticizing the lack of real world experience from the other two declared Republican candidates to unseat Pappas: former NH GOP Vice Chairman Matt Maybury and former NH GOP Executive Director Matt Mowers.

(Mowers and Maybury) don’t have any connection with the bottom 50 percent of people every day. They see it, but don’t live it,” says Fowler.  “I’ve needed to invent ways to get the money I need for things like car payments. They don’t understand what that’s like. They can try to understand it, but they have not lived it.”

Voters will go to the polls to choose a Republican nominee for the first congressional district on Sept. 8.

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