Manchester NH school district to send letter warning of ‘spice’ dangers

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Green Giant is another brand of "spice" which is causing medical issues in Manchester and Concord.
Green Giant is another brand of “spice” known to have caused medical issues in Manchester and Concord by those who smoked it. It is considered synthetic marijuana by those who abuse it.

A letter issued Sept. 5 by the city health department warning parents to be aware of the dangers of synthetic marijuana, or “spice,” will be distributed to students next week, according to the district website.

The letter, signed by Public Health Director Tim Soucy and Mary Forsythe-Taber, Executive Director of the Makin’ It Happen Coalition, describes some of the spice products that were linked to a series of medical emergencies around the city in August – which led to a warning from the governor’s office, as well as a proposal for an ordinance by city aldermen, banning the sale of spice in the city of Manchester.

The letter also refers parents to the site where they can find more information about spice and other substances that are often used by teenagers.

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