Scammer forges NH Attorney General’s signature on letterhead to trick people out of money

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It’s a scam: Attorney General Gordon MacDonald is not sending out letters asking you for money. Garry Rayno file photo

CONCORD, NH — Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald issued a warning Jan. 12 regarding a scam using his name and title in a forged letter that appears to notify the recipient that a legal proceeding has been initiated against them.

The letter, which appears to be on Department of Justice letterhead and signed by Attorney General Gordon  MacDonald, also requests a payment from the recipient as part of the legal proceedings.

A copy of the forged letter is below.

The Office of the Attorney General would under no circumstances notify individuals by mail that they have been charged with a crime nor would this office issue a letter requesting payment in order to resolve criminal charges.

If you have received a communication that appears to be from this office, you may report or verify its authenticity by calling the Consumer Complaint Hotline at 1-888-468-4454.