Sanders and Trump also win State House kid vote

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CONCORD, N.H. – In the lead up to Tuesday’s Primary, the New Hampshire State House held their own “Kid Vote” Primary.

Votes were cast by fourth-grade students who visited the State House during January or February prior to Feb. 10.

Like Tuesday’s actual result, Bernie Sanders won the Democratic side of the kids’ vote with 97 votes, followed by Tom Steyer (93 votes), Andrew Yang (85 votes), Elizabeth Warren (40 votes), Pete Buttigieg (38 votes), Tulsi Gabbard (37 votes), Michael Bennet (10 votes), Amy Klobuchar (8 votes), Joe Biden (8 votes), Deval Patrick (3 votes), Marianne Williamson (2 votes), John Delaney (1 vote) and Mike Bloomberg (1 write-in vote).

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won with 119 votes, followed by Joe Walsh (21 votes), and William Weld (17 votes).

Both Sanders and Trump won their respective party kid vote primaries at the State House in 2016 as well.