Safe Station update: Current stats, and adding alcohol-related calls to the mix for 2018

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I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year celebration.  Here is the updated (and close to year-end) statistics for Safe Station and Suspected Overdoes for December.  Below are also some statistics of highlight for the year in comparison to last year.

The next update will come Tuesday and will be the final 2017 statistics. On a point of note, January I will also be tracking alcohol-related emergencies for a month to get a sense of how this also impacts our services.


OD:                        877                        (12 percent increase from 2016)

Fatal:                     64                          (41 percent reduction from 2016)

Narcan:                2,656.3 mg            (32 percent increase from 2016)

Avg per:               3.84 mg                  (8 percent increase from 2016)


OD:                        785

Fatal:                     90

Narcan:                2,007.3 mg

Avg per:               3.54 mg

Safe Station

Intakes:               2,898

Avg/month:       160

Other communities now providing a Safe Station model within their communities:

  • CAR (Community Access to Recovery): August 2016 Portsmouth PD, Dover PD, Newmarket PD,
    Somersworth PD, Eliot ME PD, Kittery ME PD, York ME PD, partnering with Safe Harbors – Portsmouth
    for PD incarceration diversion 9a-4p, M-F
  • Auburn FD/PD: July 2016 Safe Station
  • Newmarket FD: September 2016 Safe Station
  • Nashua Fire: November 2016 Safe Station
  • Laconia Fire: December 2016 Drug Recovery Coordinator
  • Concord Fire: January 2017 Partnership with Riverbend for SUD, Mental Health
  • Hooksett Fire: March 2017 Safe Station

NOTE: **xx** in the above graphic represents Suspected opiate-related fatalities based upon evidence in the field. NOT confirmed yet by Medical Examiner.

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Christopher Hickey is Director of Emergency Services for the City of Manchester.


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