Ruais outpaces Cavanaugh in Ink Link Exit Poll

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Mayoral candidates Jay Ruais, left, and Kevin Cavanaugh moved on to the general election.

Throughout Election Day, Manchester Ink Link talked to as many voters as possible in a set of selected wards throughout the city: Wards 1, 5, 6, 7 and 10. These wards, along with Wards 11 and 12, had contested races for Ward Alderman and Ward Board of School Committee Member.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Manchester Ink Link could not talk to voters in Wards 11 and 12, but we did talk to 105 voters in the other five wards mentioned. Here’s what we found.

Mayor: Jay Ruais beats Kevin Cavanaugh, 51.9%-44.2%

Ruais voter comments:

  • “God bless us and our beautiful America”  (Ward 1)
  • “Neither candidate will have a plan to address homelessness or affordable housing, will be in same position two years from now, Will Stewart 2025” (Ward 1)
  • “Easy”  (Ward 1)
  • “Freedom to Vote Yay!” (Ward 1)
  • “Safer City”  (Ward 1)
  • “Very easy to do, best ever” (Ward 1)
  • “Change for the homeowner” (Ward 1)
  • Like new computerized voting system. Need change in leadership” (Ward 1)
  • “Homelessness and Addiction and Crime (are) most important issues” (Ward 1)
  • “Nobody trusts the election process anymore! Not many voters” (Ward 5)
  • “Need a great turnout today” (Ward 5)
  • “Quick and Easy” (Ward 6)
  • “Easier with electronic check-in” (Ward 6)
  • “Love the new voting system” (Ward 6)
  • “We need to ‘take back America’ new leadership, less inclusive – America is an ‘exclusive’ country to be proud to be a member of.” (Ward 6)
  • “May the best person win” (Ward 6)
  • “Slow turnout” (Ward 7)
  • “Need change in city” (Ward 7)
  • “Homeless #1 Issue” (Ward 7)
  • “We need change” (Ward 7)
  • “Candidates should have their party affiliation on the ballot” (Ward 10)

Cavanaugh voter comments:

  • “No good choice for mayor” (Ward 1)
  • “Hope we can keep moving forward” (Ward 1)
  • “Thank you poll workers! We love you!”(Ward 1)
  • “Speedy + Friendly!” (Ward 1)
  • “Keep supporting our schools” (Ward 1)
  • “Lots of spirit – positive spirit !” (Ward 1)
  • “Andy Rocks!” (Ward 5)
  • “I like the exit polling, also great to see the community come out and support in what they believe in” (Ward 5)
  • “Efficient” (Ward 6)
  • “So much of the info felt fragmented” (Ward 7)
  • “Put students first!” (Ward 7)
  • “Seems like a good turnout” (Ward 7)
  • “I love the easy check-in process” (Ward 7)
  • “Wish more people would vote” (Ward 10)
  • “Wish more people would vote” (another person from Ward 10)
  • “Best of luck” (Ward 10)
  • “Glad to exercise my constitutional right” (Ward 10)

Comments from voters who did not vote for Ruais or Cavanaugh

  • “No good choice for mayor” (Ward 1)
  • “Too easy, more candidates should be on the ballot” (Ward 5)
  • “Manchester is fortunate to have such candidates running” (Ward 7)

At-Large Races

In the Alderman At-Large race, Dan O’Neil (30.7%) and Mary Ngwanda Georges (25.0%) took the winning top two spots, followed by Joseph Kelly Levasseur (23%) and Will Infantine (12.5%)

In the Board of School Committee (BOSC) At-Large race, Jim O’Connell (27.9%) and Peter Argeropoulos (25%) were the two winners, followed by Brittany Ping and Elizabeth Moreau (both receiving 6.7%)

Ward Alderman Races

Ward 1: Bryce Kaw-uh (36.5% of all respondents) over Chris Morgan (26.8% of all respondents)

Ward 5:  Tony Sapienza (50% of all respondents) over Kathi Paquette (25% of all respondents)

Ward 6: Crissy Kantor (38.8% of all respondents) over Maxine Mosley (16.6% of all respondents)

Ward 7: Patrick Long (31.2% of all respondents) over Ross Terrio (25% of all respondents)

Ward 10: Bill Barry (38.1% of all respondents) over Jim Mara (9.5% of all respondents)

Ward BOSC Races

Ward 1: Julie Turner (36.5% of all respondents) over Suzanne Potoma (12.1% of all respondents)

Ward 5: Jason Bonilla (25% of all respondents) over Scott Matiello (0% of all respondents)

Ward 6: Ken Tassey (38.8% of all respondents) over Dan Bergeron (16.6% of all respondents)

Ward 7: Chris Potter and Brian Cole tied (25% of all respondents each)

Ward 10: Gary Hamer (9.5% of all respondents) over Joy Senecal (0% of all respondents)

More detailed information can be found here.

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