Poets on the Loose, Round 4: ‘Rhythm Without Melody,’ a poetic encore by singer-songwriter Jen Whit

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Art never leaves a true artist.  It just changes shapes and colors.  And, what may have arrived in the form of a melody or chorus, now could introduce itself as free-form poetry.

There’s no stopping it.  The art is going to flow, and there’s not much you can do about it.

At least that’s the case with Jen Whit, a dearly missed singer/songwriter from Canterbury, who, for a number of years, could be seen in the bars and clubs on the regular, mesmerizing us with her voice and wonderful guitar playing. Whit was legit. A goddess when it comes to singing, someone who could vibe with all kinds of music – rock, ’90s pop, folk, country.

She was a beast.

Then, well, it all stopped.  At least the music, I guess.  Whit shut it all down to gather her thoughts, assess her ambitions and refuel the art tank.

So, when Whit dropped a poem on our “Poets on the Loose” series, we weren’t all that surprised to learn she has some great poetic chops.

Whit describes herself as: A lover of linguistics, rhymery and unabashedly truth-telling, J. Whit is born to the page. She dabbled in many art forms in her past life, but finds the written and spoken word the most raw and uninhibited. She enjoys solitude, hot nettle tea, soft jazz and believes writing through trauma improves physical and psychological well-being.

With that, we give you Jen Whit:

Are you feeling poetic? Everyone’s invited to be a Poet on the Loose.

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