Roof collapses at Londonderry transport company

No injuries were reported.

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Fire officials look at a trailer trapped underneath a collapsed roof at BSP Transport in Londonderry. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

LONDONDERRY, NH – At approx 1:30 p.m. Londonderry Fire was notified of a roof collapse at 25 Liberty Drive, BSP Transportation. The 145,000-square-foot building was being evacuated of office and warehouse workers as crews arrived.

The heavy snow combined with the heavy rains buckled the roof, ripping steel beams apart as well as the metal roofing. Londonderry Fire officials cordoned off the building to prevent any entry while they assessed the damage.
Due to the roof collapse, several trailers were trapped in the building due to reduced clearance height. In an effort to save some of the freight loaded in trucks, some trailers were able to be removed with assistance from firefighters.
Damage to support beam visible inside BSP Transporation in Londonderry after the roof collapsed on Dec. 9, 2019. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

According to a vice president of BSP who was on site, the building was built in the 1980s and has never had any structural issues in the past. He also advised that trailers which were being removed will be brought to another nearby facility.

Londonderry Building Department deemed the building unsafe and condemned it. BSP, which owns the building, will be required to bring in a structural engineer to evaluate the situation before anyone will be allowed back into the building.