Restraining order: Liquid Planet ‘Speed Slides’ closed by AG’s office due to bacteria

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Liquid Planet Speed Slides ordered closed Aug. 3 by court order.
Liquid Planet Speed Slides ordered closed Aug. 3 by court order.

UPDATE, Aug. 7, 2015: On Aug. 6 Liquid Planet released the following statement on its Facebook page:

August 5, 2015

First, let me start by saying that we take guest safety very seriously at Liquid Planet and that’s why in 8 years of operation we have never had a guest become ill or injured at our Water Park. The Filtration systems we use on all our rides are state of the art and, along with our managers, test the water on all our attractions constantly throughout the day. It is true that on Thursday July 30 we failed a single water test on just our speed slides and the slides were shut down and the water quality problem was corrected right away. The reason our slides remain closed is because the state of NH D.E.S. realized that a plumbing permit was not filed with them. This was an oversight on both our part as well as D.E.S’s. The permit application is currently completed and has been sent to their office for processing.

letterI have attached to this letter the official water tests of Liquid Planet Water park’s attractions from the state of NH’s Public Health Laboratory. You will see that every single attraction was tested and they all had, with the exception of the aforementioned Speed slides, PERFECT water quality. There is a complete ABSENCE of any type of bacteria including E Coli.

Liquid Planet water park is a small family run business and we want our valued customers to know we are open, we are safe to visit and we appreciate their continued business and support.

Lastly, please remember that just because you hear or read something, that alone doesn’t make it true or accurate. My family and our employees work hard every day to present a clean, safe and friendly destination for families. Please don’t ruin that by saying or repeating untrue or unkind things. We are all better than that.

With deepest appreciation,

Kevin J. Dumont

Original story published Aug. 4, 2015

CANDIA, NH – Liquid Planet was ordered to close its Speed Slides attraction Aug. 3 by Attorney General Joseph A. Foster due to elevated bacteria levels detected by a water sample.

A temporary restraining order was obtained against Liquid Planet, LLC. The Rockingham Superior Court ordered the immediate closure of the Speed Slides attraction at the Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia until Liquid Planet obtains required design approvals from the Department of Environmental Services (“DES”) and demonstrates compliance with applicable water quality standards.

The State sought injunctive relief when Liquid Planet refused to voluntarily close the Speed Slides following notice from DES personnel that water samples taken from the Speed Slides had unsanitary levels of coliform bacteria, including Escherichia coli, that are indicators of possible fecal contamination.

In addition, the DES determined that Liquid Planet had opened its Speed Slides, two 40-foot vertical drop slides, without first obtaining design approval from the Department and without functioning filtration or disinfection systems to maintain compliance with required water quality standards. Water samples for the remaining attractions at Liquid Planet were within normal standards.

Following the Court’s order, Liquid Planet closed the Speed Slides and has begun working with DES to address the design deficiencies and come into compliance with public bathing facility standards. State law requires that all public bathing facilities, including commercial recreational water slides, be approved by DES prior to public use in order to ensure adequate sanitation and to protect public health and safety. RSA 485-A:26.

DES rules establish rigorous design standards and require ongoing monitoring and conformance with established water quality standards for public bathing facilities. More information, including a link to the applicable rules, can be found on the DES website.

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