Republicans gather at K.C.’s for politics and barbecue

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Wynn Hutchinson (left) and Dan Garthwaite at K.C.’s Rib Shack on Aug. 21, 2019 (credit – Andrew Sylvia)

MANCHESTER, N.H. – As Manchester’s municipal campaign season begins to come into focus, the Manchester Republican Committee came together for politics and barbecue at K.C’s Rib Shack on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s event marked the seventh edition of the event, which drew local activists and candidates such as Manchester Mayoral challenger Victoria Sullivan.

“The Manchester Republican Committee is a great organization,” said Sullivan.  “They do a lot of work around the city, we trying to work as one whole city in this campaign. It’s great we’re getting together now prior to the primary. We see ourselves as one unified organization, so it’s great to come and commune here.”

For Manchester Republican Committee Chairwoman Tammy Simmons, the event serves multiple roles as local Republicans prepare for the campaign to go into full-swing.

“It’s more of a camaraderie event, it’s more for local Republicans who are active in the committee to get together, but it’s also a chance to fundraise,” she said. “I say that every event has to serve a purpose, we either have to be reaching out to voters, raising money, or building a team. If it doesn’t have one of those three, we shouldn’t bother.”

Simmons says this year’s event is smaller than the crowd seen during Presidential Election years, but is slightly larger than other non-Presidential election years. While most of the crowd came from Manchester, some came from afar, such as Seamus Casey of Barrington.

Casey, the vice-chairman of the Strafford County Republicans, stopped by to see friends and help his colleagues in the Queen City.

“I expected it to be outside, but the weather had other ideas,” he said.  “Still, this is a great event.”

More information on the Manchester Republican Committee is available at their website,