Report of school bus accident found to be inaccurate

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MANCHESTER, N.H. – On Thursday afternoon, the Manchester School District (MSD) received a report of an accident involving a school bus carrying students from Founders Academy Charter school that proved to be unfounded.

After learning of the accident, the MSD and Manchester Transit Authority (MTA) investigated the incident through reviewing video from the bus and an interview with the driver of the bus. After the investigation, the MTA found no evidence to support the claims of an accident and has filed a report with the New Hampshire Department of Safety.

MSD has contacted Founders Academy regarding the incident. In the event of a verified accident or emergency with a school bus, the MSD has an established process to communicate with parents.

The video of the incident was not available to the public as of Friday night.

Any parents with concerns regarding school buses can contact the MSD Transportation Coordinator’s Office at 603-624-6300 ext. 163 or obtain more information on at