Remembering Dustin Blake: Honoring a special superhero with a foundation

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Dustin Blake set out to be a superhero every day of his life.

MANCHESTER, NH — Friends and family of the late Dustin Blake have formed a nonprofit scholarship fund for graduating seniors of Central High School who are members of Maskers or the chorus/choir.

Dustin Blake would have been an incoming junior at Central High School, except that he suddenly passed away on August 4, 2017, from a rare and undiagnosed genetic disorder. He had been elected as Maskers’ president for the upcoming school year and elected vice president of the Central chorus/choir.

Dustin was a great enthusiast of superheroes and was in his everyday life his own superhero, helping those who asked and supporting others who just needed a friend on their side. He could always be seen around campus and Manchester sporting his superhero T-shirt or a superhero baseball cap and his styling sunglasses.

A scholarship for graduating seniors who have been members of either Maskers or the chorus/ choir at Central High School has been established in Dustin’s name.

More information can be obtained through the foundation or through the guidance office at Central High School.

Dustin was a promising screen writer and filmmaker and he wanted to be the next Quentin Tarantino. He wanted to leave a groundbreaking legacy in the world of art. But instead he left a momentous legacy behind that all of his family and friends are now hoping to fill.

One of Dustin’s favorite quotes was, “ A day without laughter is a wasted day,” from Charlie Chaplin. Dustin’s goal each and every day was to make at least one person’s life a little brighter.

The Dustin Blake Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation is working toward providing graduating seniors from the drama and chorus departments with scholarships for continuing education institutions. With our goal in front of us we will be raising funds throughout the year and tax-deductible donations can be accepted at:

The Dustin Blake Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation,

515 Wilson St. Manchester, NH 03103

For more information, contact


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