Proposed 8-pump 16-fueling gas station and mini-mart a bad idea

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The applicant, Z1 Express, along with property owner Victory Distributors out of Massachusetts wants to build an 8-pump 16-fueling gas station and mini-mart on the corner of Wellington Road and Edward J Roy Drive in Manchester. Those who live and work on the street and in the surrounding neighborhood have researched the issue and know it is not right for the community.

The entrance and exit would be on the one-lane road – Edward J Roy Drive – across from Carlton Place Apartments. There is a school bus stop 60-feet from the intersection of Wellington & Edward J Roy, which introduces a multitude of safety concerns during morning rush hour. The land also contains a stream called Humphrey Brook which will be impacted by the proposed development, due to the additional storm water runoff from the parking lot and the potential for contaminates from vehicles using the site, the restaurant, the gas tanks and pumps.

The proposed development abuts Stone Terrace Condominiums. Residents in these condos, many of whom are elderly, will easily be able to see the gas station, impacting their standard of living and potentially harming their health.

There are no 16-pump gas stations anywhere in Manchester and there is no need for such a development at the corner of Wellington and Edward J Roy Drive. There is a gas station right up the road at the corner of Wellington and Londonderry Turnpike – four minutes away. Edward J Roy Drive is also the only exit out of the neighborhood, home to over 1,500 residents. If there was an emergency at the site during the 24-hours per day the pumps are available (with no staff onsite during the overnight hours), it would be catastrophic for the neighborhood. This is bad business and puts the community in harm’s way. Approving the development would be reckless on the part of the board.

There are 12 members on the planning board. Only six were available or willing to vote on the issue at the last planning board meeting which occurred on March 1. The result was a 3-3 tie. This should have made the measure fail, according to Roberts Rules of Order. However, another vote may be taken this Thursday, March 15 at City Hall at 6 p.m. We do hope everyone in Manchester who is against increased traffic, crime and pollution will come out to City Hall on Thursday, March 15 at 6 p.m., wearing red. We will be patient as we await our issue – last on the agenda.

It should be mentioned that the neighborhood appreciates Mayor Craig listening to our concerns on this issue at the Loose Moose Café last Saturday, where we were a large part of the crowd.

Please come out and support the integrity of your community at this Thursdays planning board meeting at city hall at 6 p.m.. Now is the time.

Amy Hanmer
Edward J Roy Drive