Project Flagging partnership helps those released from prison obtain gainful employment

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CONCORD, NH – A new job skills development initiative introduced in New Hampshire Department of Corrections facilities in July 2018 is showing promise.  The Department has partnered with Project Flagging Inc., to provide training in Certified Traffic Control Services, giving individuals in our care and custody the opportunity to apply, interview, and receive training for positions as Certified Traffic Controllers.

Director of Community Corrections and Programming Services Kim MacKay said, “For individuals transitioning back into the community, finding stable employment can be a challenge.  This is an exciting new program that allows them to find stable employment, receive a livable wage, health insurance and rideshare program as soon as they are released from one of our facilities.”

Through this partnership, a Department of Transportation certified trainer meets with individuals in the weeks prior to their release into a transitional housing unit or onto parole and conducts interviews with interested applicants.  This is followed by several hours of classroom training to ready them for the work place. Once hired, they can begin their jobs on the day they are released.

Flaggers hired by Project Flagging Inc. are routinely used to manage the traffic flow around commercial and municipal construction sites in New Hampshire and Maine.

Director MacKay said, “The intent of this program is to help employers in the community fill their staffing needs while at the same time helping those in our custody gain employment and increase their likelihood of success post-release. This is a win-win situation.”

Since the partnership began in July, Project Flagging has extended job offers to 15 individuals from the Corrections Transitional Work Center and the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord.  The Department has begun exploring ways to expand this program and make in available to all NHDOC correctional facilities.

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