Police seek man following Spruce Street robbery

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MANCHESTER, N.H. – Police are looking for a man accused of armed robbery in the vicinity of 331 Spruce St.

The incident occurred on Sunday, Aug 18 when a woman spotted a man following her. The man told the woman he was not following her and she kept walking, only to be struck in the head and knocked to the sidewalk moments later.

The man allegedly ripped off the woman’s pocket book and started walking away, which caused the woman to start yelling, alerting other people in the area. The man turned around and came back toward the woman holding a hand gun and pointed it at her, but did not fire.

According to the woman, the man is described as Hispanic, approximately 5’5” to 5’7”, “lined” hair in his 30s with a thin build. The hand gun was black in color and appeared to be a semi-automatic similar to a Glock.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the police at 603-668-8711 or the crime line at 603-624-4040. All callers can remain anonymous at request.