Police: Reports of ‘suspicious man’ asking school kids if they need a ride

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CruiserMANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police have received three complaints over the past four days of a man in a car asking school-aged kids if they needed a ride. All three incidents have occurred after school hours in separate geographical locations within the city.

All three incidents took place between 3-4 p.m. and the children ranged in age between 9-14, both male and female, police said.

The first incident occurred March 23, 2015 on Lowell Street, between Ashland and Hall streets. The suspect was described as a white male with a reddish/brown beard in his mid-30s, yellow-colored teeth and he may have been wearing a black coat. He was operating an unknown make/model four door sedan, possibly Toyota or Honda with newer tires and “shiny rims.” The person allegedly asked the school children “if they needed a ride.”

The second incident occurred March 24, 2015 on Eastern Avenue. This incident involved a white male with a skinny build, brown hair who was allegedly wearing a baseball style hat and glasses. He may have been operating a blue SUV with Rhode Island registrations. The registration may have had a combination or sequence of numbers of 661 556. The suspect allegedly yelled at the victims to “get into the car,” which caused them to flee the area. He also asked the victims what schools they attended.

The third incident involved a “skinny” white male. He had medium brown hair and was wearing an orange colored T-shirt. He was not wearing glasses and had no noticeable accent or tattoos. This incident occurred on March 26 in the area of Auburn Street and Lincoln streets. He was operating a silver, four-door vehicle, unknown make and model. He allegedly asked the victims if they needed a ride.

Members of the detective division/juvenile unit are hoping someone observed a similar vehicle in the area during the above mentioned dates. It is unknown if the suspect is the same individual believed to be involved in the three separate incidents.


Suspicious Persons Report to MPD

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